Easy Elves

Easy Elves />
made with Rappit Plaster Cloth read more

Decorative Letter Blocks

Decorative Letter Blocks />
Decorative Letter Blocks By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Take your little ones room décor to the next level with these personalized letter name blocks! Custo... read more

Belly Cast

Belly Cast />
Baby Belly Cast By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Commemorate your impending bundle of joy with a plaster cast of your beautiful baby bump! Makes a perfect project to cre... read more

Blocky The Snowman

Blocky The Snowman />
Blocky The Snowman By Marisa Pawelko Category: Seasonal Crafts Summary: When winter strikes what better way to pass the time than by crafting with Sandtasti... read more

Halloween Spider

Halloween Spider />
Supplies 1 - 4" wide roll of Rappit Plaster Cloth 1 - 5" Styrofoam ball 48" of 18 gauge Gold Artistic Wire wire Acrylic Paint: Black, White, Orange 8" - 1/4" purpe ribbon Needle to... read more

Masked Black Halloween Cat

Masked Black Halloween Cat />
Project Tips Make the base and legs first then use toothpicks to hold head on while you secure in place with strips of Rappit Plaster Cloth Read Manufacturer's instructions for all pro... read more

Gobbler Potter

Gobbler Potter />
Directions Tips: Read and follow manufacturer's instructions for all products used. Have the Rappit Plaster Cloth cut into pieces prior to starting the project. Cut 20 pieces of 2" ... read more

Bobble Head Doll

Bobble Head Doll />
Directions Select character or general imaginary figure to make. If making a recognizable figure – you may want to include particular characteristics – such as a baseball cap if it is to be a b... read more

Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras Mask />
Time to complete:  Skill level 3, the mask is a level 2, to put on the beads level 3 Directions 1. Cover your work area with plastic wrap. 2. Cover the plastic mask with plastic wrap. ... read more

Happy Mummy

Happy Mummy />
Directions 1) Parents cut block of Styrofoam down at one end to create an angular wedge shape, by trimming off the two lower corners of block. Use these corners to fashion the mummy’s feet. Sco... read more

Ghost and Witch

Ghost and Witch />
Rappit Plaster Cloth is a wonderful craft material, you can cover almost anything with it and it will take on the shape of the object. For example, balloons, boxes, wire shapes, but please don’t cover... read more