• 1 - 4" wide roll of Rappit Plaster Cloth
  • 1 - 5" Styrofoam ball
  • 48" of 18 gauge Gold Artistic Wire wire
  • Acrylic Paint: Black, White, Orange
  • 8" - 1/4" purpe ribbon
  • Needle tool or hand held drill with 1/8" bit
  • Super glue
  • Clear Acrylic spray sealer
  • Scissors
  • Water basin
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper plate
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ruler


  1. Please read and follow directions on the Plaster Cloth package, very important, do not dispose of water used to dip the rigid wrap down the sink, it will clog the pipes since it is plaster.
  2. Cover your work area with plastic wrap.
  3. Cut 4 stips of Plaster Cloth 16" long and 10 strips 6" long.
  4. Take 2 of the 6" strips, dip them into water one at a time, roll into a ball, press lightly onto the plastic wrap making one side flat so you can glue it to the body, do the same thing with the other strip.  These are the eyes.
  5. Take the rest of the 6" strips, dip them one at a time in water and shape them into a tear drop shape, these will become the feet or shoes.  As you make them use a needle tool to make a hole in the top of the foot about 1/4" in from the pointed end of the tear drop, this is where the wire will be glued in.  If you don't put the hole in now you will have to drill it later after it dries.
  6. Take the 16" strips, dip them one at a time in water and wrap around the Styrofoam ball, smooth with your hands as you add more layers, keep adding the rest of the strips, while still wet push the eyes in place.  If they are still wet enough they may stick without glue, if they come off later you can just glue them bcak on.  Set aside to dry.
  7. Paint the feet/shoes orange; paint the body and the back half of the eyes black. Paint orange dots all over the spider, highlight with a white stroke.  Dot the eye black with the round end of a paint brush, dot again with white.  Paint the nose and mouth white.
  8. When paint is dry, use the needle tool to poke 4 holes in each side of the spider.
  9. Cut 8 pieces of wire 6" long, put a drop of super glue in the hole you made in the foot/shoe, put a wire in the hole you made in the foot/shoe, put a wire in the hole, hold until dry, do this with all the feet.  I used super glue because it dries faster and is stronger.
  10. Bend the wire approx 3" up from the foot; you will make adjustments once all the legs are in place so this does not have to be exact.
  11. Put super glue on about 2" of the wire without the foot and push into one of the holes you made in the body, hold until dry, do this with all the legs. When they are all dry, set the spider on a flat surface and bend the legs until he stands the way you like, some legs up, some down, make him look like he's dancing.
  12. Spray with 2-3 light coats of Acrylic Spray sealer.
  13. Tie a bow with the purple ribbon and glue to the spider below the mouth.