Paper Mache

Activa® Celluclay™ is the ultimate air drying paper mache for all craft projects.  Activa® Celluclay™ Instant Papier Mache is a low cost paper medium which mixes easily and molds quickly.  Activa® Celluclay™ is very easy to use, simply add water and it air dries! This instant paper mache is completely nontoxic and adheres to almost any surface. Activa® Celluclay™ is very versatile as once is has air dried it can be sanded, sawed and nailed. Also, wet pieces of the paper mache can be added to dried pieces and Activa® Celluclay™ can also be stored for several days in a sealed plastic bag refrigerated. Great for paper mache projects and sculptures such as paper mache volcanoes, masks, boxes and even an egg!