InstaMold™ & Permastone™

Activa® InstaMold™
Flexible Temporary Mold
Make perfect reproductions of 3-dimensional shapes in minutes with this ingenious water-activated, non toxic, temporary mold making compound. InstaMold™ flexible molds reproduce intricate details. Material will not stick to the originals and is safe for body castings. The finished molds can be cast with Permastone, Art Plaster, Wax, Resin or other casting compounds to make numerous copies.

Activa® PermaStone Break-Resistant Casting Material
Ideal casting compound when permanent, break-resistant castings are desired. It mixes easily with water, reproduces the finest detail and handles like plaster. If it happens to break the fracture is clean and easily glued/fixed. As it dries white, it can be painted with acrylics, oils, watercolors, tempera or any other finish! PermaStone Casting Material is microwavable, non-toxic, and water resistant.