InstaMold Flexible Temporary Mold Compound - 48 oz

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Activa® InstaMold™

Flexible Temporary Mold
Make perfect reproductions of 3-dimensional shapes in minutes with this ingenious water-activated, non toxic, temporary mold making compound. InstaMold™ flexible molds reproduce intricate details. Material will not stick to the originals and is safe for body castings. The finished molds can be cast with Permastone, Art Plaster, Wax, Resin or other casting compounds to make numerous copies. 

InstaMold™ Facts:

  • Safe for body castings, baby keepsakes
  • Molds are temporary & reusable allowing multiple castings. Total number of castings per mold will vary depending on complexity and detail.
  • Cast with any pourable, self-setting material that is below 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Flexible enough to handle dynamic dimension yet firm enought to hold form without additional support.
  • Store in an airtight bag or container with a damp cloth to extend mold life - refrigerate or freeze.
  • Made of natural materials.
  • Will not damage original & easy to clean up.


  • Premium Casting Compound
  • Versatile
  • Craft or fine art use
  • Air Dries
  • Accepts fine detail
  • Superior white when dry
  • Non-Toxic

Step-By-Step Designer Projects 

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Permastone Mask                       Faux Bronze Hands

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