Mondo Mexican Rosary


Modeling Clay

Mondo Mexican Rosary />
Mondo Mexican Rosary By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Go big or go home! This mondo rosary inspired by Mexican folk art is perfect for decorating your wall or draping ov... read more

Forever-Fresh Flower Crown

Forever-Fresh Flower Crown />
Forever-Fresh Flower Crown By Marisa Pawelko Category: Accessories Summary: Flower crowns are quickly becoming a hot accessory all throughout the year! And they can... read more

Wire Mesh Wall Sculpture


Activ-Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Wall Sculpture />
Wire Mesh Wall Sculpture By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Modern art meets the natural world! Activ-Wire Mesh comes alive in this three dimensional depiction of ... read more

Tree Hollow Centerpiece


Modeling Clay

Tree Hollow Centerpiece />
Tree Hollow Centerpiece By Marisa Pawelko Bring the outdoors in with this whimsical tree hollow centerpiece complete with gnomes and fresh foliage! What’s Needed: ... read more

Sand Art Party Decor

Sand Art Party Decor />
Sand Art Party Decor By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Sand art itself is an awesome creative party activity, but did you know that you can also make ... read more

Safari Jewelry Box


Plaster Casting

Safari Jewelry Box />
Safari Jewelry Box By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Add a touch of exotic elegance to your boudoir with this safari themed jewelry box! A molded plaster elephant creates... read more

Pretend Mini Cupcakes


Plaster Casting

Pretend Mini Cupcakes />
Pretend Mini Cupcakes By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Have fun with the kids by creating these pretend mini cupcakes together! Kids will love to mix and pip... read more

Inspirational Molded Bracelets


Hearty Clay

Inspirational Molded Bracelets />
Inspirational Molded Bracelets By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Display your faith in the Lord with these fabulous custom molded inspirational bracelets! Easily customiz... read more

FastMache Sacred Heart Wall Plaque



FastMache Sacred Heart Wall Plaque />
FastMache Sacred Heart Wall Plaque By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Mexican folk art adds bright and beautiful charm to your home surroundings! Easily create this stunni... read more

Decorative Letter Blocks

Decorative Letter Blocks />
Decorative Letter Blocks By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Take your little ones room décor to the next level with these personalized letter name blocks! Custo... read more

My Art Box


La Doll® Clay

My Art Box />
My Art Box By Marisa Pawelko Category: Kids Crafts Summary: Get artsy and organized at the same time! Store your original creations or art supplies in a box that is... read more

Belly Cast

Belly Cast />
Baby Belly Cast By Marisa Pawelko Summary: Commemorate your impending bundle of joy with a plaster cast of your beautiful baby bump! Makes a perfect project to cre... read more