Supplies Needed:

Step 1


Measure compound according to package directions.
*Material is activated by using 2 parts casting material to 1 part cold water.

Mix gently and slowly until a pancake batter consistency is reached.

Step 2


Place the mold in a tray.

Pour the plaster mixture into the mold.

Gently tap or vibrate the mold on the tray to release any air bubbles.

Large air bubbles can be popped with fingertips.

Step 3


When the plaster begins to set up, insert a paperclip half way into the plaster.

Step 4


Allow the plaster to cure. Average setting time is approximately 20-30 minutes.
*The plaster will become warm as it begins to cure and then cool as it completes the process.


Step 5


Loosen the castings from the mold by gently pulling back on the mold’s edges.
Lift the casting completely out of the mold.

Step 6


Allow the casting to completely dry.
Drying time will vary depending on temperature andhumidity levels.
The plaster will gradually become lighter in color as it dries.

Step 7


File down any rough edges on the bear casting using sand paper or a file.

Step 8


Paint the bear casting using the acrylic paint.