1) Parents cut block of Styrofoam down at one end to create an angular wedge shape, by trimming off the two lower corners of block. Use these corners to fashion the mummy’s feet. Scoop out small indentations on the egg shape for eye sockets.

2) Cut two 4 inch sections of dowel rod. Attach foot section to narrow end of block by pushing one of the dowel rods into the foot piece and the other into the block. Attach the egg shape to top of body this same way, with the second piece of dowel rod.

3) To fashion arms and hands cut one 24 inch piece of wire and two 4 inch pieces. Fold the 12 inch piece in half by folding it in two. Twist gently along its length. Weave one of the 4 inch pieces of wire into the loop at the end and twist, securing in place. Add the second piece of 4 inch wire in this same way creating fingers. Use wire cutters to trim into different lengths mimicking fingers. Press cut end of wires into shoulder section of block. Repeat this entire step to create second hand and arm placing it on other side of body.

4) Cut 4 - 6 inch long strips of Rappit Plaster Cloth, and following manufacturer’s instructions cover the Styrofoam body (head to toe) with one layer of Plaster Cloth for strength. Then with longer pieces folded in half lengthwise loosely wrap and drape head and body creating the effect of bandages. Let dry over night.

5) Add touches of (very light) blue and black washes for shadows under eyes and in folds on body for color. Let dry.