Ghost and Witch

Ghost and Witch />

Rappit Plaster Cloth is a wonderful craft material, you can cover almost anything with it and it will take on the shape of the object. For example, balloons, boxes, wire shapes, but please don’t cover the cat!

For the ghost I took a Styrofoam cone, and egg. Put a dowel in the top of the cone and stick the egg on top. Use whatever size cone and egg you want, large, small, it doesn’t matter. I took 2 pieces of dowel about 6” long and stuck them into the sides of the cone. Now read the directions on the Plaster Cloth package. Once you have read the directions cut pieces of Plaster Cloth long enough to cover the ghost from the bottom of the front, over the top to the bottom of the back, turn the ghost and keep doing this until you have at least 3 layers of Plaster Cloth all the way around the ghost. When completely dry you can remove the cone from the inside if you want, or leave it. Paint the ghost with acrylic paint of your choosing. Don’t pour the water down the drain, it will clog the pipes!!

For the witch I used a Styrofoam cone, any size you want, Wire Mesh for the hat brim, Papier Mache for the facial features. As with the ghost cover the cone with Plaster Cloth. Cut a circle out of the wire mesh for the witch's hat brim, cut an X in the middle and put it over the top of the cone, cover with Plaster Cloth, shaping as it dries. Mix a small amount of Papier Mache according to label directions and make the facial features, stick to the face, and no need for glue, it will stick as it dries. Paint with acrylic paint of your choosing; tie a bow and glue to the witch.

Make This Ghost and Witch with These Easy-To-Follow Instructions

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