Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras Mask />

Time to complete: 

Skill level 3, the mask is a level 2, to put on the beads level 3


1. Cover your work area with plastic wrap.

2. Cover the plastic mask with plastic wrap.

3. Lay the dry Rappit Plaster Cloth from side to side on the mask, cut 6 pieces long enough to cover the mask from side to side.

4. Dip the strips of Plaster Cloth one at a time in the water basin and cover the top half of the mask, dip another stripe and cover the lower portion just to the edge of the nose.

5. Continue to do this until all the strips are used. Smooth the plaster as you work.

6. Set aside to dry. Remove from the plastic mask.

7. Use scissors to clean up and trim the edges, use the craft knife to cut out the eyes.

8. Draw a design on the mask and fill in with the beads, use the plastic knife to spread the beads, follow directions on label.

9. When dry glue feathers to the back of the mask.