Select character or general imaginary figure to make. If making a recognizable figure – you may want to include particular characteristics – such as a baseball cap if it is to be a ball player. The secret to making Bobble Heads that are recognizable is to not only include – but also emphasize the features that make that person who he/she is. (Just like drawing a caricature.)

Step 1  Blow up water balloon and tie off.

Step 2  Cut pieces from the roll of Rappit Plaster Cloth into triangular shapes. (This is the shape that will lay down the smoothest with the least wrinkles in forming the head.) You need enough to cover the balloon with 3-4 layers – slightly overlapping the pieces.

Step 3  Holding the balloon by the knot – dip the Plaster Cloth into warm water - lay in place on the balloon and smooth with fingers until the holes are no longer visible

Step 4  Repeat – add more Plaster Cloth until all except the knot is covered with 3-4 layers.

Step 5  Set aside to let cure – you can speed up the cure by microwaving according to package directions

Step 6  Once the Plaster Cloth feels firm – go ahead and add features to build up faces, hair, hats, etc. as desired. Chenille stems or pieces of them are good for cap brims, noses, hair and more

Step 7  Set aside to cure.

Step 8  If you desire to add arms or other body features to the sand bottle – this is the time to do it. You need to allow the bobble head to come down far enough over the neck of the bottle – so – shoulders and arms need to start about half way down. Body features and clothing can also just be painted – as you choose.

Step 9  Measure the approximate diameter of the "shoulders" of the bottle. A little bit wider than this is how open you will need to make the "neck" of the head. Pop the balloon and remove it. Measure at the hole where the knot had been – the diameter needed for a hole that will sit down onto the bottle. Cut it out with scissors

HINT: you can always make the hole larger, easier than you can build it up to make it smaller. Try the fit onto the bottle and adjust as necessary.

Step 10  The spring needs to be big enough to go around the neck of the bottle and just a bit shorter than the trimmed balloon head. Drop some hot glue into the head hole of the balloon. Insert the end of the spring into the glue before it sets. Hold in place until initially set. Try it on the bottle – if too tall squish/compress the spring – if too short extend the spring by stretching it a little. Once you like the fit – add enough hot glue to imbed the spring securely inside the head.

Step 11  Paint Bobble Head as desired. Add trims, hair or other miniatures like baseball bat etc when dry. Paint any desired details on the sand bottle – let dry.

Step 12  Assemble after filling the sand bottle by working the top of the sand bottle cork into the bobble head spring allowing enough to fit into the bottleneck to remain exposed. Add a touch of hot glue to secure the spring and when glue had cooled – push cork into bottle top