Fancy Round Sand Art Bottles, Set of 4

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Sandtastik® Fancy Round Sand Art Bottles, Set of 4

Clear, bulb-shaped round sand art bottles for sand art fun! Recommended for use with our fine grade, Classic Colored Sand. Fill with colored sand in layers or decorate the exterior for a creative craft activity. Each bottle comes with a twist on/off cap.

Colored sand sold separately.


- Made from PET plastic, a safe alternative to glass jars
- Clear, transparent – will not turn yellow over time
- Durable, high quality grade


How Much Sand Do I Need?

Each fancy round sand art bottle measures 8 fl oz and requires 12 oz of colored sand to fill.

Set contains 4 bottles and lids and requires a minimum of 48 oz (3 lb) of colored sand. Additional sand is encouraged to allow for spillage and/or color preference.



Size: 8 fl oz (each)
Color: Clear, transparent
Shape: Fancy Round, Bulb, Orb


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