1. Read and follow directions on the celluclay package.

2. Cover your work area with newspaper.

3. Measure 1 cup dry celluclay, put into the Ziploc bag, add ½ cup of warm water, push out as much air as possible then close the bag. Knead the celluclay and water until smooth. If it’s too dry add a little more water, too wet add a little dry celluclay. Mix more as needed.

4. Cover the Styrofoam egg with celluclay, approx. 1/8” thick. Set aside until no longer sticky to touch.

5. Roll a 2-3” celluclay ball, place it on a piece of plastic wrap, put another piece of plastic wrap on top of the ball, flatten the ball into a ¼” circle, while still in the plastic wrap lay it on the head to check for size, too small add more celluclay and flatten again, too large, don’t worry about it you can take celluclay off when shaping the hat. Take off one sheet of the plastic wrap and let dry until no longer sticky.

6. Lay the circle on the head and start shaping the hat, yours might not look exactly like the sample but that is okay, that is the fun of celluclay, everyone’s project will be unique and one of a kind!

7. Make a 1 ½” long celluclay cone for the nose, press it onto the face, and bend into a shape that pleases you. Make 2 small balls for the eyes and press on face right above the nose. Make celluclay mustache (see pattern), press on face right below the nose, create the texture with a toothpick, and drag the toothpick in the celluclay in the direction the mustache grows. Make a 1 ½” x ¼” snake for the lip, shape a “U” shape and press it to the face right below and in the center of the mustache.

8. Set aside to dry before painting.

9. Paint everything except the hat white; paint the hat light brown, sponge off white onto the hat.

10. Dry brush coral onto the cheeks and inside the mouth, paint the lip black, paint the nose orange, paint the eye lids gray, dry brush gray onto the mustache. Paint a black line on the edge of the eye lid, dot the eye black and dot again white. Dot the cheeks white, highlight the lip and inside the mouth white.

11. Make a starter hole for the eye screw with a drill or an awl, dip the eye screw in glue, screw into the top of the hat, let dry and run the ribbon through the eye screw, tie to create a hanger.

12. Tie a bow, any color you want, glue to the snowman.