Air Dry Clay

Throwing Clay into a Pen Holder

Recommended tools for this project:

- ColorPlus Clay

- Potter's Wheel

- A Scraper

- Metallic Thread

- Varnish

Step 1:

Knead the clay, make a cylinder and place it on the wheel.

Step 2:

Throw until you get a suitable shapes.

Step 3:

Smooth the surface with a scraper.

Step 4:

Using a metallic thread cut the bottom of the piece and leave to dry placing it on a news paper. Cover with a plastic layer to slow drying.

Step 5:

Before it dries, trim the bottom of the piece with a rib in order to obtain a perfect and flat surface.

Final Step:

Varnish once the pen holder is completely dry.

Enjoy your new stylish Pen Holder!