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Get 30% off with coupon code BLACK30 during our Black Friday Sale!
Get 30% off with coupon code BLACK30 during our Black Friday Sale!

Sandtastik® Air Dry Modeling Clay - 1.1 lb (500 g)

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CLA111, CLA112, CLA113


Sandtastik® Air Dry Modeling Clay

Superior Strength  -  Self-Hardening  -  Natural Clay

Sandtastik® Modeling Clay is premium quality, natural, self-hardening clay. Its exceptional plasticity and ultra fine grade allows for excellent detail versatility. Air cures to superior strength and durability. It will not crumble and has minimal shrinkage. It can be carved, sanded, and drilled when dry and accepts virtually any finish. If desired, Sandtastik® Modeling Clay can be kiln fired.


Sandtastik® Modeling Clay is ready to use right out of the package and is suitable for all hand building methods. If working on larger pieces for an extended period, mist piece lightly with water to extend working time.

Drying / Storing

Store unfinished pieces in an airtight bag wrapped with a damp cloth. Keep unused clay in an airtight container. When drying, rotate pieces so all sides get even exposure to the air. Dry times depend on thickness, size, and surrounding environmental conditions. Typically pieces are ready to decorate in 24 hours and fully cured in 48 to 72 hours.


Sandtastik® Modeling Clay accepts virtually any type of finish.


Sandtastik® Modeling Clay is primarily composed of all natural clay so if you choose it can also be kiln fired. Low fire between cone 06 (1796° F) and cone 04 (1868° F). Fire in a well-ventilated area as Plus clay's organic matter will start to burn out at 266 F and will emit an odor.  
NOTE:  After firing the black Modeling Clay the color becomes red.


The addition of water to the Sandtastik® Modeling Clay results in greater shrinkage. This can lead to cracking and deformations during the drying process. If working with an armature or over a rigid form, completely cover it with a layer of paper before applying the Modeling Clay. This will help reduce the chance of cracking during the drying process. Sandtastik® Modeling Clay is not food grade material.


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