ACTIVA® Activ-Wire Mesh Flexible Sculpture Material, 24-inch x 10-foot Roll

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ACTIVA® Activ-Wire Mesh Flexible Sculpture Material, 24-inch x 10-foot Roll 


Incredible Sculptural & Modeling Wire Mesh

Activ-Wire Mesh Flexible Sculpture Material is a versatile, structural support material for direct wire sculpture and an amazing arts and craft material. The unique aluminum mesh with diamond weave is easy to cut with household scissors and is non-rusting, oven safe, and does not require any special equipment. 
Use Activ-Wire Mesh Flexible Sculpture Material as a structural base for masks, jewelry, armatures, school projects, volcanoes, mountain and model train scenery, dioramas, home decor and more!
Handle with care as all wire has sharp edges!

Includes project sheet inside.



Use for:

• Armatures
• Home Décor
• Jewelry
• Fine Floral Designs
• Model Construction
• Crafts
• Fine Art
• Masks

Use in combination with:

• Plaster Molding Cloth
• Polymer Clay
• Air Dry Clay
• Paper Mache



• Cut with Scissors
• Oven Safe
• Non Rusting Aluminum
• Superior flexibility and strength


Step-By-Step Designer Projects 

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Sculpt a Bird                                                                                                             Create a Pig                                                                    Create a Lamb

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