Let us begin with the shape. I like fat little pigs so roll up some newspaper into the shape of a larger than life ostrich egg. Tape it so it holds the shape. Roll up another piece into a ball for the head. Tape this onto the other piece and you have the basic body shape.  Glove those hands and roll out the ACTIV-WIRE MESH. Cut off a piece large enough to wrap around the pig shape and another strip about 6” wide to cut into 4 legs.  Wrap the ACTIV-WIRE MESH around the silly looking ball of paper and squeeze it into a piggly shape.  Roll the four pieces up into tubes to form the legs and tape them into place. Trust me; they ALL look really ridiculous at this stage, keep going!  Now roll out the Rappit Plaster Cloth and cut it into strips about 4” long. Dip these, one at a time, in water and apply a layer, per package instructions, to the entire piece. It will set up in about 20 minutes. While waiting, mix up about half of the bag of Celluclay, following package directions. Using your hands, apply the clay smoothing it with the palm and heel of your hand. I find it helps to keep my hands damp but not too wet. I wet and wring out the wash cloth and wipe my hands and tools off with it frequently as I work.
Fatten up that tummy and build up the face, ears and add the tail. Press in the eyes and use the sculpting tools to add character lines to the face and details to the feet. Now just let it dry. It may take a few days. If cracks form, just fill them in with Celluclay and smooth it out. When dry, Celluclay responds much like wood, meaning you can sand it, carve it, paint it or stain it.
I paint the whole pig pink blending some white into the top of the head and back. Add a touch of coral to the nose, tail and ear tips and blend in some brown on the hooves.
And now you have a… PIG!