ColorPlus Hamburger Hideaway Storage Box


Air Dry Clay

SIO-2® Hamburger Hideaway Storage Box

Designed by Amy Koranek

What’s Needed:

  • SIO-2® ColorPlus Natural Air Dry Clay
  • Circle cookie cutter 2” diameter
  • Craft Knife
  • Roller

Decide how large you want the hole inside your hamburger to be for hiding away trinkets. For my hamburger, I used a 2” diameter circle cookie cutter. However big you circle cutter is, you will need to make all your hamburger parts a little bigger than the circle cutter. Using Gold clay, make a bun. The bottom bun should be shaped like a disk. The top bun should be shaped like a dome.

Make sesame seeds with white clay for the top bun. Set the top bun aside to dry.

Make a hamburger patty out of black clay. Cut a hole in the center of the patty. Place the patty on top of the bottom bun.

Role yellow clay out really thin like cheese. Cut two squares. Cut a hole in the middle of each square. Line one of the cheese slices up with the hamburger patty that you already put on the bun, making sure the holes line up.

Bend the corners of the cheese down over the patty.

Make another bun layer with a hole in the middle if you wish and put it on top of the cheese. Smash together four circles for pickles. Make sure they are hooked together at the edges. Cut out the hole in the center. Layer the pickles over the cheese lining up the holes.

Make another black patty with a hole and stack it on next. Then add the second layer of cheese that we made in step 4. Mix some green and white together to make a lighter color of green. This will be the lettuce. Smash it really flat and it will look more realistic if the edges are kinda tattered. Put a hole in the middle of it too. Layer it on next.

After the lettuce layer on a thick circle of white for an onion and finish it off with some drips of ketchup around the edges.

Let your hamburger and top bun dry completely before hiding treasures inside.