Air Dry Clay

Sculpting a Catalan Cottage

Recommended tools for this project:

- ColorPlus Clay

- Sculpting Tools

- Paint Brush

- Varnish

Step 1:

Mix white, brown and yellow to obtain the colour of the walls. Make a uniform slab with a roller and cut the walls, floor and ceiling.

Step 2:

Cut windows and doors. Add decorative elements.

Step 3:

Fix the slabs dampening the junctions with a wet brush and strengthen with thin coils.

Step 4:

Once walls and floor are joined, leave to dry. To avoid deformations, slow drying covering the project with a thin plastic layer.

Step 5:

Blend brown, orange and red to obtain suitable tones for the roof tiles. Make thin slabs, cut rectangles, shape the tiles and place them on the roof.

Final Step:

Place the roof once all parts are completely dry. Finally, varnish the Catalan cottage.

Admire your beautiful craftsmanship!