Materials Needed:

Step 1

Preparing The Clay

  • 1 large cylinder
  • 4 small cylinders
  • 1 large sphere

Step 2


Score and slip the 4 small cylinders onto the large cylinder to form the person’s body.

Step 3

Hands & Feet

Gently pinch the ends of the cylinder to form the person’s hands.

Slightly bend the ends of the legs upward to form the person’s feet.

Step 4


Draw on the person’s swimsuit.

Step 5


Position the arms and legs in the desired pose. Attach the large sphere to the body to create the head.

Step 6


Use the clay extruder to create thin clay strands for the person’s hair. Use slip to attach them to the head.

Step 7


Add additional clay to create the ears and nose of the person’s face. Draw the eyes and mouth on the face.

Step 8


Allow the clay to dry for 24 hours before painting.

Step 9


Paint the sculpture using acrylic paint.

Step 10


Paint a design on the canvas board to create a beach towel base for the sculpture.
Additional beach theme miniatures can be added.