Kiln Fire Clay, SIO-2, Raku

Supplies Needed:

Step 1


Shape a large piece of clay into an oblong form as seen in this photo.

Step 2


Shape two small curved pieces of clay.

Roll two small cylinders of clay.

Score and slip the curved clay pieces onto the back of the animal’s body.

Attach the small cylinder clay pieces to the front of the animal’s body.

After all the legs have been attached, balance the sculpture upright on a flat surface.

Smooth out any bumps using wet fingertips.

Step 3


Form two teardrop shapes out of clay.

Score and slip the teardrop shapes onto the animal’s head.

Indent the pointed tool sideways into each ear.

Step 4


Poke a hole into the side of the animal’s head underneath it’s ear.

Step 5


Indent the pointed tool twice into the snout of the animal to form the nostrils.

Step 6


Use the pointed tool to indent a line texture all over the animal’s body.

Leave the head a smooth texture.

Step 7


Allow clay to fully dry. Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Step 8

Bisque Fire

Fire clay in kiln to cone 04.

Step 9


Apply glaze by dipping the animal’s body into the Raku glaze.
Do not apply glaze to the animal’s head.

Step 10

Raku Fire

Fire the glazed piece in the Raku kiln to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove the sculpture from the kiln and place it into a metal can.
Add newspaper to the can and cover with a metal lid.

Step 11


Allow the finished sculpture to cool.
Wash off any ash residue on the sculpture with wet steal wool.