Bulk Sand - Request a Quote

Please note:

- Current retail prices for play sand before discount: (i) Sandtastik® Sparkling White Play Sand, 25 lb .... $20.95 USD (ii) Sandtastik® Therapy Play Sand, 25 lb ........... $21.95 USD

- Volume price discounts are automatically applied to your quote based on the total weight needed

Thank you for your interest in using Sandtastik's clean, soft, certified safe play sand materials for your home and commercial projects!


- All orders are packaged and shipped directly from our Production Warehouse located in Port Colborne, ON L3K5X9 Canada.

- For US deliveries, Sandtastik assumes all border customs and duties. Goods cost over $2500 requires a Registered Tax ID# or Social Security No.# for brokerage clearance.

*If the amount of sand you need is 1200 lb or less please proceed to our online store to place your order*