Supplies Needed:

Step 1

Clay Slabs

Roll one 1/4” slab of bright white clay using the rolling kit.

*A piece of canvas or paper towel may be used to avoid the clay from sticking to the surface.
Roll a 3/16” slab of the white, terracotta, and black clays.

Step 2

Clay Pieces

Divide the white, terracotta, and black clay slabs into strips using the clay roller tool.

Cut the clay strips into smaller irregular pieces.

Step 3


Trace the mirror shape in the center of the bright white clay slab.

Randomly arrange the white clay pieces around the mirror space in the center of the clay slab.

Secure the white clay pieces in place by gently rolling over them with the rolling pin.

Repeat the process with the terracotta and black clay pieces.

Step 4

Mirror Shape

Create a template for the overall mirror shape. The border should extend at least 1” around where the mirror will reside.

Trim the excess clay around the template using the roller tool.

Step 5


Insert a straw into the top of the mirror shape to remove a small amount of clay, creating a hole for hanging.

Step 6


Allow the clay to fully dry.

Step 7


Coat the clay with a layer of clear water based varnish.

Step 8


Glue the mirror onto the terrazzo background shape with adhesive.

Step 9


Cut a piece of rope to fit around the mirror shape.

Glue the rope to the mirror shape using multi-purpose glue.

Step 10


Once the clay has fully dried it is ready to be hung.