ACTIVA® Fast Mâché™ Fast Drying Papier Mache - 4 lb (1.81 kg)

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ACTIVA® Fast Mâché™ Fast Drying Papier Mache

Fast Mache, the fast drying papier mache, with its unique formula speeds the air drying process from days to hours, helping create larger projects much faster.  Made from 100% recycled paper, it mixes easily with minimal dust and there is no need for cutting paper strips or adding paste. Once mixed it molds quickly, is easy to handle and adheres to almost any surface. It air dries hard, durable and strong. Versatile, it can be sanded, sawn, cut or drilled as needed. It’s easy to paint and decorate.  


Fast Mache is the industry leading fast drying papier mache mix, perfect for your artistic needs

Papier mache has been an important material for artistic expression since its invention in China during the 8th Century. Long favored by artisans for its ease of use and high performance results, it has been a favored medium by everyone from kid crafters to accomplished artists.  One-step Fast Mache is easy to use; just add water and mix to the desired consistency.



- Adheres to most any surface and dries to a remarkably hard finish with minimal shrinkage, can be sanded, sawn, cut or drilled.
- No need for cutting paper strips or adding paste
- Perfect for school projects, dioramas, decorative objects and intricate sculpture; easy to paint and add texture, detail, patterns and color.
- Easy clean up with just soap and water.
- Safe, non-toxic, and meets all US and European testing standards, ACMI Approved
- Made in the USA 


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