United We Stand Craft




1. Enlarge the map to fit on the STYROFOAM® Block, about 100%.

2. Cut the map out, lay it on the block, trace around the map.

3. Trace the map with all the state borders on tracing paper.

4. Mix up 4 cups dry Papier Mache with about 2 cups of warm water, knead it like bread dough until all mixed.

5. Spread the Papier Mache about fi" thick inside the map.

6. Let the mache dry until no longer sticky but still soft. Put a piece of plastic wrap over the whole map.

7. Lay the tracing paper over the plastic wrap. With a pencil trace the borders of the states into the soft mache.

8. Move your map to a warm dry place to dry; this may take 2 days depending on the thickness of the Papier Mache.

9. NOTE: Shrinking will occur during drying, when I made mine it actually came right off the block, not to worry, just turn it over, put a thick line of tacky glue all around the edges, put it back in place, and put some books on top of the map so that the glue makes contact with the block, let dry.

10. Paint the block School Bus Yellow.

11. Paint the map Navy Blue, Wicker White and Engine Red. The words United We Stand are Navy Blue; USA is red, white and blue.

12. The lines between the states and the line around are Licorice.

13. Spray the map with acrylic sealer.

14. Cut a piece of the USA ribbon 18" long.

15. Measure in 3" from the ends on the topside of the block; poke a small hole with a pencil. Put glue in the holes, with the pencil poke the ribbon into the holes, let dry.