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Modeling Clay


Preparing Your Clay


• 1 large sphere or egg form
• 1 short cylinder

Step 1


Gently round the top of the cylinder. Then pinch out the bird’s beak with finger tips.

Step 2


Join the head to the body by scoring and slipping the two pieces together.
How To Make Clay Slip

1. To make slip, break the soft clay into small pieces and place in a shallow container.
Allow the clay to completely dry out. Dry the clay chunks in the sun or simply leave
them in the open air overnight.

2. When the clay pieces feel dry, add enough water to cover the clay.

3. The clay will break down absorbing the water, it will look soft and mushy. This
mushy stuff is the slip and it is applied between clay pieces to glue them together.

Spread the two pieces of clay together using a flat ended tool.

Step 4


Roll two small spheres and attach them to the head to create the eyes. Poke in each
eye with the pointed tool. Shape an egg form and attach the gobble underneath the

Step 5


Push the popsicle sticks into the rear of the bird’s body one at a time.

Step 6


Decide whether to attach clay or real feathers to create the bird’s wings.
To attach feather wings; poke a small hole on each side of the body so the feathers
can be inserted after the clay dries.

Or roll two egg forms and attach them to the sides of the bird’s body to create clay

Step 7

Give It A Style

LEARN: Not all art looks the same. That is because artworks have different styles.
Here are a few styles that artists like to use.
Realistic Style: is art that pictures objects and people as they really appear in nature.
Abstract Style: is art that shows the basic parts of an object, but the artist changes
parts of the image through the use of his or her imagination.

To make an abstract bird with a pilgrim’s hat, shape a small circle, cylinder, sphere and
snake form. Score and slip the forms together and attach the hat to the bird/s head.

Step 8


Allow the clay to dry for 24 hours before painting.

Step 9


Use a realistic color scheme to make the bird look like a real turkey. Or use a variety of
colors to create an abstract looking bird

Step 10

Finishing Touches

Attach real feathers to the tail and wings using glue.