Textured Soap Dish

Supplies Needed:

  • SIO-2 White Sculpture/Raku clay with fine grog
  • 1/4” Slab measuring sticks
  • Rolling pin
  • Texture rolling pin / NOTE: This tutorial uses: Byllstore Extra Large Clay Texture Rollers with Pottery Stamps
  • Plastic wrap
  • Oval shape cutter / NOTE: This tutorial uses: De La Design’s Oval Soap Dish Clay Cutter Template - with Drain Holes
  • 4” Thick foam
  • 5" x 7" Oval press mold form / NOTE: This tutorial uses GR Pottery Forms
  • Small wood spacer
  • Hand building board
  • Sculpey Clay Starter 3pc Tool Kit
  • Triangle ended modeling tool
  • Foot maker tool
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Glaze / NOTE: This tutorial uses Mayco SW-164 Satin Patina
  • Paint brush

Step 1

Clay Slab

Roll a large 1/4” slab of clay using a rolling pin and measuring sticks.

Step 2

Texture Slab

Firmly press a texture roller over the smooth clay slab to make an impression.

Step 3

Shape Cutter

Cover the slab of clay with plastic wrap.

Center the shape cutter on top of the clay slab and firmly press the cutter into clay.

Remove excess clay from around the oval clay cut out.

Step 4

Press Mold

Place the clay cut out on top of the foam block.

Center the oval press mold form on top of the clay cut out.

Firmly press down the oval press mold form into the clay on top of the foam block.

Release the press mode, but leave the mold in place on the clay.

Step 5


Place a small wood spacer on top of the press mold.

Place a small hand building board on top of the spacer.

Flip the soap dish upside down by placing one hand under the foam block and the other hand on top of the board.

Remove the foam block.

Use a damp sponge to smooth the rim of the soap dish.

Step 6


Roll another 1/4” slab of clay.

Use the foot maker tool to cut out a few strips of clay.

Measure desired length of the clay strips.

Score and slip the clay strips onto the bottom of the soap dish.

Use the triangle ended modeling tool to smooth the clay strip seams onto the soap dish.

Smooth the edges with a damp sponge.

Turn the soap dish right side up and remove the oval press mold.

Step 7


Allow clay to fully dry. Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Step 8

Bisque Fire

Fire clay in kiln to cone 04.

Step 9


Apply glaze according to manufacture’s guidelines.
*NOTE: These soap dishes were glazed with Mayco SW164 Satin Patina.

Step 10

Glaze Fire

Fire the glazed piece in the kiln. Follow manufacturer’s firing guidelines.
Firing range: Cone 6-10 (2269º-2381ºF)