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Get 15% off with coupon code SUMMER15 for Summer Savings!
Get 15% off with coupon code SUMMER15 for Summer Savings!

Peel 'N Stick Sand Art Kit - Pets

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Sandtastik® Peel 'N Stick Sand Art Kit - Pets Kit

Creative, colorful sand art fun on 5x7-inch craft adhesive board with peelable pre-cut designs. Recommended for use with fine grade Sandtastik® Classic Colored Sand. This kits includes 2 board designs and 6 colors of Sandtastik® Classic Colored Sand in 2-oz resealable bags.


Pets Kit - Features 2 Board Designs

Fetch Puppy

A puppy, poised to play, poses in the grass next to a ball and doghouse. 

Here Kitty Kitty

A pet-lover's design featuring a kitten or cat wearing a collar and tag sitting next to a bowl. "Meow" says the cat.   

Included colors:
Emerald Green
Light Blue

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Make sure to protect your work area with paper.
2. Slowly peel off paper layer covering a pre-cut area to reveal sticky surface. Tip: Work only one color area at a time.
3. If a piece of paper accidentally lifts away, simply push it back down into the adhesive.
4. Sprinkle desired color of sand over the exposed adhesive.
5. Gently rub the sand into the adhesive to encourage adequate bonding.
6. Remove excess sand by tapping the side of the board.

Tip: Save your excess sand for the next sand art design by tapping it onto a clean sheet of paper!



Ages: 4 + (Adult Supervision)
Activity Time: 20 - 30 minutes per board
Dimensions: 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm)
Durability: Premium thickness
Board Background Color: White 


Peel 'N Stick Sand Art Boards are also available in a variety of themed designs available including space, cats and dogs, horses, flowers, Holiday characters, and much more! Design and collect them all!

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