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Get 20% off our Air Dry Clay products!
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Pencil Toppers - Bookmarks Crafts




1. Depending on how many pencil toppers/book marks you plan to make will depend on how much Mache you need to mix up. 1 cup of dry Mache mixed with 1 cup of warm water will make several of these little guys.

2. Mix the Papier Mache and water in a plastic bowl, knead it like bread until it is thoroughly mixed.

3. For all these little guys start by making a 1” ball. Put the ball on the end of a pencil or jumbo craft stick. Look at the pattern pieces to create the ears, noses, cheeks etc.

4. You do not need glue to put these little guys together; when you put the wet pieces of Mache together they will stick together as they dry.

5. Once all the pieces are put together put the wiggle eyes in position, press them into the Mache slightly, allow them to dry in position.

6. Put your little guys in a warm dry place to dry, this may take 24 hours depending on the drying conditions. Allow them to dry on the pencil or the craft stick, the Mache will shrink some as it dries then you will be able to remove it without smashing your little guy.

7. Once dry remove the eyes before painting.

8. Paint as follows:

Alien: Yellow Citron - Face, Kelly Green - Blush on cheeks and nose, Licorice - Mouth, Wicker White - Dots on cheeks, hash mark on nose

Boy in hat: Light flesh - head and nose, Berries-N-Cream - Blush on cheeks and nose, Licorice - Mouth, Wicker White - Dots on cheeks and comma stroke on nose and mouth

Snowman: Wicker White - Head, Pumpkin - Nose, Licorice - Mouth and lines on nose, Berries-N-Cream - Blush on cheeks

Flower: Yellow Lemon - Petals, Pumpkin - Center, Kelly Green - Leaves

Kitty Cat: Wicker White, Baby Pink

Lady Bug: Engine Red, Licorice, Wicker White

Teddy Bear:  Buckskin brown, English Mustard, Licorice, Wicker White

9. Glue the eyes back into position after the paint dries

10. Cut 2, 1-inch pieces of pipe cleaner for the alien, stick them into the top of the head during drying.  Glue the eyes at the ends of the pipe cleaners.

11. If you made the boy, glue a hat on his head.

12. Spray with acrylic spray sealer.

13. Tie ribbons aroud the pencils and bookmarks, choose your favorite colors.

14. Make lots of these and give them as gifts, party favors, or just for fun.  Make up some of your own little guys, just follow the same steps