MagicColor Butterfly Plaque


Plaster Casting

SKILL LEVEL: Difficulty 1-5 (1 is easiest): 2

TIME TO COMPLETE: 1.5 hours not including dry time


  • Magic Color Plaster Casting Girls Kit, Mold #4 (BUTTERFLY MOLD, 1 YELLOW PLASTER)
  • Unfinished wooden plaque
  • Plastic zip-lock baggie (sandwich size)
  • Acrylic paint: White, yellow, blue
  • Glue
  • Container for water
  • Paper towels
  • Small plastic bucket
  • Paint Brushes


  • Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.
  • Be creative, come up with your own ideas on how to decorate your finished pieces, or use the photo as a guide when decorating your projects.
  • When it’s clean-up time, use a small bucket or container of water to clean your hands and the molds instead of the sink. Do not expose sink or plumbing to plaster or plaster residue.


STEP 1  Following directions as given on package, place the Magic Color Plaster in a plastic baggie. Next pour the water in the baggie one tablespoon at a time and zip it shut. Watch the magic color change happen as you mix and knead plaster together with fingertips until there are no lumps and mixture is smooth.

STEP 2  Use scissors and cut off a .” of the end of one corner of the baggie and squeeze plaster out of baggie into the mold, filling it; discard baggie. Lift mold and tap gently several times on work surface to release air bubbles. Allow 30 minutes for plaster to set up.

STEP 3  While plaster mold is drying, paint the wooden plaque with two coats of white allowing drying in between. Then paint a large simple daisy shaped flower in the upper left hand corner, with the flower running off the plaque. Center of flower is blue; petals are yellow. Let dry.

STEP 4  When plaster has set, carefully remove from mold by gently flexing plastic mold back and forth, until plaster piece releases. Wash off molds in a bucket of water with soap and water until clean. Pat molds dry with paper towels or rags.

STEP 5  Paint butterfly by adding blue details or as desired, allow it to dry and then glue to front of plaque. Let dry.