Air Dry Clay

Making a Leaf Net Curtain

Recommended tools for this project:

- ColorPlus Clay

- Clay Roller Kit

- A Leaf Cookie Cutter

- Varnish

Step 1:

Make a slab with of a roller.

Step 2:

Cut the slab using your cookie cutter.

Step 3:

Smooth the edges of the leaf with a tool or simply your finger. Make two small holes near the top and bottom of the leaf with a pencil.

Step 4:

Leave to dry by placing it on a news paper. To avoid deformation, cover with paper and put some books or anything you can use as a flat weight on top.

Step 5:

Varnish once the leaves are dry.

Final Step:

Assemble the curtain by stringing the leaves together.

Hang and enjoy your beautiful new curtain!