Votive Candle Holder

Votive Candle Holder />
made with Sio-2 Berlin Grey Stoneware Clay read more

Hedgehog Chia Pet

Hedgehog Chia Pet />
made with SIO-2® PF - Red Earthenware Clay read more

Textured Soap Dish

Textured Soap Dish />
made with SIO-2 PRAI White Stoneware Clay read more

Raku Javalina


Kiln Fire Clay, SIO-2, Raku

Raku Javalina />
made with SIO-2 White Sculpture/Raku clay with fine grog read more

Honey Bee Dish

Honey Bee Dish />
made with PRAI - White Stoneware Clay with Impalpable Grog read more

Terrazzo Mirror

Terrazzo Mirror />
made with PLUS Self-Hardening Modeling Clay read more

Plump Penguin



Plump Penguin />
made with CelluClay read more

Pedestal Plate


Celluclay, Wheel

Pedestal Plate />
made with Celluclay read more

Easy Elves

Easy Elves />
made with Rappit Plaster Cloth read more

Wave Plate

Wave Plate />
made with Blackjack Tan Stoneware Clay read more

Bear Face

Bear Face />
made with High Strength Plaster read more

How To Rehydrate Clay


Kiln Fire Clay

How To Rehydrate Clay />
Learn how to make dried out clay workable again! read more