1. Cut the Styrofoam ball in half with the serrated knife. Put 5 tooth picks in the bottom of the ball; put the ball on the Styrofoam disk.

2. Cut the toilet paper tube in half, cut an inch out of the tube, and bend the tube to create a tunnel shape, push into the ball creating the entrance to the igloo.

3. Mix the Fast Mache or Celluclay, 2 cups dry mixture, start with 1 cup water, knead the mixture add more water as necessary to get to a mixture that you can spread onto the ball and disk.

4. Cover everything with a thin layer of celluclay, inside the tunnel too. Let dry overnight. Put another layer of celluclay over the igloo and carve the ice block lines into the celluclay, set aside to dry.

5. Paint everything white.

6. Gather sticks and glue them in a pile outside the igloo, glue the polar bear near the igloo.