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Get 20% off our Air Dry Clay products!
Get 20% off our Air Dry Clay products!

Holly and Berries Ornament


Modeling Clay

Designer: Carolyn Stearn


  • 1 Large Glass Ball ornament
  • 1-1 lb pkg Green ACTIV-Clay
  • 1-1 lb pkg White ACTIV-Clay
  • Folk Art Papier Paint: Metallic Jade Green, Engine Red, Wicker White, Sahara Gold
  • Beacon Glass, Metal and More Glue
  • Mark Extra Fine Crystal Glitter
  • Elmer’s Spray Adhesive
  • Misc. supplies: Craft knife, Scissors, Gold cord, 3/4” red ribbon, Small paint brush, Rolling pin, Plastic wrap, Water basin


STEP 1 Take hanger out of the ornament, spray the inside with spray adhesive, pour glitter into the ornament, shake around until the ball is completely coated, and pour out excess glitter. Return hanger to the ornament.

STEP 2 Cut a piece of gold cord 10” long, tie onto the ornament hanger.

STEP 3 Cover your work area with plastic wrap.

STEP 4 Roll out the green clay to ¼” thickness. Cut out the holly leaf pattern, lay on clay and cut out 18 holly leaves with a craft knife. Roll 18 3/8” (approx) balls with the white clay.

STEP 5 Stick the holly and berries all over the ornament in a random pattern. Set aside to dry. As the clay dries the pieces will fall off the ornament, once they do clean the ornament then reapply to pieces using the glass glue.

STEP 6 Paint the berries Engine Red, dot with wicker White, outline the leaves and paint the vanes Metallic Jade Green.

STEP 7 Let dry then do the Sahara Gold swirls in the open area on the ornament.

STEP 8 Hang in a safe place to dry.

STEP 9 Tie a red ribbon around ornament hanger.