Kiln Fire Clay

Materials Needed:

Step 1

Roll a 1/4” slab of clay using the Clay Roller Kit.

Cover the clay slab with plastic wrap.

Step 2
Fish Shapes

Select fish shapes to use. Use all the same or all different shapes.

Place desired shape cutters on top of the clay slab and firmly press them down into the clay slab.

Remove excess clay from around the shape cutters.

Smooth the fish shape’s edges with a damp sponge.

Step 3

Carve, add or indent the fish eye.
Use the pointy ended tool to draw on the fish eye.

Roll a small sphere of clay and attach it to the fish shape by scoring and slipping it on.

Use a rubber stamp or found object and indent it into the clay to form the fish eye.

Step 4

Carve, add or indent the fish mouth.

Step 5
String Holes

Arrange the fish shapes vertically in the desired hanging pattern. Insert the end of a straw into the top and bottom of the clay fish for threading string or chain through during the hanging process. *Only insert one hole at the top of the last hanging fish shape.

Step 6

Carve lines into the clay to add detail to the clay shape’s fish fins.

Step 7
Body Design

Carve, add or indent the designs on the body of each fish.
Carve designs using the pointy ended tool.

Add on additional clay pieces by scoring and slipping them onto the fish body.

Indent rubber stamps or found objects firmly into the fish shape to create designs and texture.

*OPTION: Activ-Tools Designer Texture Sheets may be used to give the clay added texture and design.

Step 8

Allow the clay to dry. It is considered fully dry when it is no longer cool to the touch.

Step 9
Bisque Fire

Once clay is in a greenware state it can be bisque fired in the kiln.

Step 10

Paint the fish using desired glaze colors.

Re-fire glazed fish in the kiln following recommended glaze directions.

Step 11

Thread string through the holes in each fish. Tie fish shapes together. Add a hook onto the top loop.

Step 12

Hang fish sculpture in desired location for display.