Modeling Clay

Materials Needed:

Step 1


Roll two large spheres out of clay.

Score and slip the two spheres together.

Step 2


Roll 4 small cylinders out of clay.

Score and slip the cylinders onto the body.

Smooth one end of each cylinder onto the body and round the other end.

Step 3


Roll two small spheres out of clay.

Flatten each sphere into a circle shape.

Flatten one end of the circle by tapping it onto the tabletop.

Score and slip the ears onto the head.

Indent each ear with the scooping tool to create a concave surface.

Indent a pointed ended tool several times under each ear shape to ruffle the edges.

Step 4


Indent two lines into each leg with the pointed tool.

Step 5


Roll two tiny spheres and one small teardrop shape for the animal’s eyes and nose.
Score and slip the pieces onto the head.


Step 6


Allow the clay to dry. The tan colored clay will turn whitish and have a chalky texture when it is fully dried out.

Step 7


Paint the clay sculpture.