Colored ICE Floral Arrangements


Colored Ice


Make unique and colorful floral arrangements with Sandtastik Colored ICE Gems. Using a plastic cup or glass container as a liner for your arrangement will allow you to replace your flowers or plants whenever you would like to refresh your décor.

What you will need:

  • Sandtastik Colored ICE (For this project we used Red and Clear Sandtastik Colored ICE)
  • Glass container
  • Plastic cups or a smaller glass/plastic container that fits into the outer container
  • Fresh flowers or a potted plant
  • Water or Soil
  • Scissors
  • Clear resealable plastic bag

Select your Sandtastik Colored ICE Gems and place all colors into the plastic bag. Shake the gems around until the colors are well scattered throughout the bag.

Place your plastic cup into the glass container (both containers should be the approximately the same height. Hold the plastic cup in place and begin placing the ice gems around it and continue until the glass container is full.

If using fresh flowers, take another plastic cup, fill it with water and place inside the plastic cup lining your glass container. Trim your flowers and arrange as desired. We used red Gerbera daisies for this example.

Place the daisies in the cup and your fresh flower arrangement is complete.

If you are using a potted plant, take a plastic cup, place some of the colored ice or small stones in the bottom of the cup for drainage before putting in the plant and fill with soil.

Place the plant in the plastic cup liner and you are done!

Until it’s time to refresh your arrangement!