Materials Needed:

  • Sandtastik White Air Dry Modeling Clay
  • Sculpey® Clay Starter 3pc Tool Kit
  • Water Bowl
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brush

Step 1

Preparing The Clay

  • 1 large cylinder
  • 2 small cylinders
  • 1 large sphere
  • 5 small sphere
  • 4 tiny spheres

Step 2


Attach the large sphere to the large cylinder. Score and slip the pieces together. Pose
the bunny in a standing or sitting position.
*Scoring is scratching the edges of clay before joining them together.
*Slip is liquid clay used to join pieces of clay together like glue.

Step 3


Slightly roll 4 of the small spheres back and forth with finger tips.

Score and slip them onto the body.

Step 4


Attach the two small cylinders to the head. Pinch the ends of each cylinder to make
them slightly pointed. Bend the ears into the desired position.

Step 5


Attach the remaining small sphere to the rear of the body shape.

Step 6

Eyes & Nose

Attach the tiny spheres to the head to create the eyes and nose.

Step 7


Use the pointed tool to draw on the mouth and nails.

Step 8


Allow the clay to dry for 24 hours before painting.

Step 9


Use the acrylic paint to paint the sculpture.