1. Mix the Fast Mache or Celluclay, 2 cups dry mixture, start with 1 cup water, knead the mixture add more water as necessary to get to a mixture that you can spread onto the disk.

2. Cover the disk with a thin layer of celluclay.

3. Draw the horizon line and the sand line on the celluclay. Make a celluclay ball, flatten it and put onto the disk in the sky area, this is the sun. Use small piece of celluclay and make small waves in the water area. Use the celluclay to make the palm tree (see the photo), make the trunk first, put it on the disk, them make the palm fronds; put them in place, then the coconuts. Carve the trunk and grooves in the palm fronds with the plastic knife.

4. Press the buttons in place all around the clock face on the sun and in the sand and water, leave a clear area for the clock parts. You can leave the pieces in place or remove them and glue in place later, with the latter you will have to paint around them, this is the technique I chose. Set aside to dry overnight.

5. Now have fun painting, blending colors together to create the sky, water and sand. Paint the sun and palm tree. When the paint is dry spray with clear acrylic sealer, 2-3 light coats.

6. Put a hole in the clock and put it all together following the instructions on the package.