Be My Valentine - Candy Jar




1. Trace the heart and circle pattern onto the Styrofoam block or press the cookie cutters into the block, cut out with a craft knife. Flatten the bottom of the heart on a hard surface.

2. Break 2 toothpicks in half and stick them into the bottom of the heart. Put glue on the bottom of the heart and the toothpicks. Put the heart in the center of the circle and let the glue dry.

3. Cut about 1" off the 2 craft sticks, push the craft sticks into the side of the heart where indicated on the pattern. Glue the large triangle at one end and the 2 small triangles at the other end, where indicated on the pattern. Let glue dry.

4. Mix 2 cups dry Papier Mache with 1-cup warm water in a plastic bowl; knead the mix like bread dough.

5. Cover all the pieces with Papier Mache, this will take a little practice so be patient, if your fingers get sticky keep a bowl of water handy and rinse them often. Once covered put in a warm, dry place to dry, this may take 24 hours depending on the drying conditions, and thickness of Papier Mache.

6. Now you are ready to paint. Paint the heart Baby Pink, wet the sponge and squeeze out all the excess water, dip the side of the sponge in Wicker White, dab all the excess paint off the sponge on a paper towel. Now dap the sponge around the edges of the heart, front and back.

7. Paint the arrow stick Buckskin Brown, paint the arrow tip Engine Red, and the feathers are a mix of Baby Pink, Engine Red and Wicker White. First paint the feathers Engine Red, and then brush over the red lightly with Baby Pink and over the pink lightly with Wicker White. Sponge Wicker White on the edges of the arrow tip.

8. Paint the round circle Wicker White; the checks are Engine Red painted with a #12 flat brush.

9. The words True Love are painted with Engine Red; make the dots with a toothpick. Now you can paint whatever words you want on the heart for example, Be Mine, I Love You, Kiss Me, Miss You.

10. Spray the jar lid with acrylic spray.

11. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar and fill with your favorite candy.