Materials Needed:

Step 1


Roll a large sphere out of clay.

Step 2


Indent a hole into the clay.

Make three slice lines on top of the hole in a star pattern.

Squeeze the bottom of the sphere together in the palm of hands to form the apple bottom.

Step 3


Indent a hole in the top of the apple body.

Step 4


Form a small cylinder and teardrop shape out of clay.

Score and slip the pieces into the hole at the top to form the apple stem.

For added details, carve vein lines onto the leaf.

Step 5


Create a face by drawing or adding on clay pieces. Score and slip additional pieces to prevent them from falling off when the clay dries.

Step 6


Gently pinch out the bottom of the clay to form the apple base.

Step 7


Allow the clay to draw for 24 hours before painting.

Step 8


Color the clay using acrylic paints.