No Prep Metal Paint:

  • Bright Bronze

Toner Plastic Fun Wire:

  • Icy Fruit Punch -18 and 24 gauge
  • Icy Blue Fizzy -18 gauge

Robert Simmons Craft Painter brushes:

  • Series CP51C Liner, Size 10/0
  • Series CP55C Wash, Size 3/4"
  • Series CP60C Flat Shader, Size 10
  • Series CP85C Round, Size 1

Robert Simmons Fabric Master brush:

  • Series 431RC Round Scrubber, Size 4

Crafters Pick THE ULTIMATE! Glue

  • Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic spray sealer

Misc. supplies:


  • Stylus


STEP 1 Put 3 toothpicks in the top of the cone, put the small end of the egg on top of the cone.

STEP 2 Mix approx. half a pound of Celluclay Instant Papier Mache with 2 cups of warm water. Knead the papier mache and water, if it's too moist add more mache, too dry add a little water. Let the mache rest for about 5 minutes.

STEP 3 Starting at the top, cover the egg and cone with mache, about 1/4” thick. I use my thumbs to spread and smooth the mache. Keep fingers moist during this process.

STEP 4 Allow to dry for a couple of hours, or until no longer sticky. Shape the hands and sleeves, see pattern. Make the nose and attach to the face. Attach the hands and sleeves to the body; smooth all the seams into the body, some shrinking may occur, if it does just fill in with mache.

STEP 5 Cut 3 pieces of 8” Rappit Plaster Cloth 12” long. Fill a disposable plastic bowl with warm water, put one piece of Rappit in the water, remove and squeeze out excess water, read and follow label directions. These 3 pieces will form the ridges in the dress.

STEP 6 Find the middle of the Rappit and put it onto the dress just between the hands, fold over itself to the right and left, as it dries keep shaping the ridges. Let this first layer harden and then add the next 2 layers, smooth. Do not dispose of water down the sink, it will clog drains!

STEP 7 Let this dry completely. To cover where the Rappit meets the papier mache, mix up a small amount of papier mache and apply it on the seam and smooth up and down, the seam will disappear. Let dry.

STEP 8 Paint the head and hands Flesh Tone, dry brush the cheeks Shading Flesh, dot the eyes Lamp Black, paint the heart lips Napa Red, the mouth lines are Lamp Black. Highlight the eyes and cheeks White Wash.

STEP 9 Paint the dress Blue Chiffon, put a puddle of Blue Chiffon and Desert Turquoise on a paper plate dip your brush in both colors and paint along the inside of the ridges in the dress, this creates shading.

STEP 10 Paint the star Cadmium Yellow shade the edges with Marigold. Glue the star between the hands. Spray with 2-3 light coats of Krylon Crystal Clear.

STEP 11 Lay the wing pattern on the wire mesh, cut out with scissors. Paint the mesh Bright Bronze.

STEP 12 Cut 4 pieces of Icy Fruit Punch 24 gauge Fun Wire 16" long. Start in the center back and whip stitch the wire around the edge of the wing, don't get too close to the edge, when you get to the tip of the wing, curl the excess wire around the end of a paint brush. Do this all the way around the wings.

STEP 13 Squeeze the wings together in the center; glue the wings to the back of the angel.

STEP 14 Drill 2 rows of 8 holes in the head; this is where the wire hair will be inserted.

STEP 15 Curl the 18 gauge Icy Fruit Punch Fun Wire around the end of a paintbrush. Once curled cut the wire about 3-4” long, once all the holes are filled bend the wire until the hair is the way you like.

STEP 16 Drill a hole in the center back of the head, cut a piece of Icy Blue Fizzy wire 10” long. Shape the halo, put one end in the hole put some of the hair through the halo.

STEP 17 Tie a bow around the neck.