Activ-Clay Friendship Beads


Modeling Clay

Skill level: 1

Time: About an hour depending on the size of the beads


ACTIVA White Activ-Clay (The number of children in the class will determine the amount of clay you will need, a 1 pound package cut in 24 pieces (cut down the center lengthwise, then 12 cuts width wise approx ½” apart, this will allow each child to make 5-6 beads depending on the size of the bead.

  • Plastic lacing
  • Key ring
  • Round toothpick
  • Acrylic paint- note to teacher, any colors are fine, spread the colors around the table.
  • Paint brush
  • Water basin
  • Paper towels


STEP 1  Pinch off ½” pieces of clay and shape them into squares, circles, ovals, hearts or whatever shape you like.

STEP 2  Use the round toothpick to make a hole through each bead, make sure you twirl the toothpick around on the inside so that the hole is big enough for the lacing.

STEP 3  When the beads are dry (speed the drying process with a fan or hair dryer if necessary), paint with the acrylic paint. Dots are made with the round end of a paint brush.

STEP 4  Trade beads with all the kids in the class then string on lacing, make a key chain, bracelet or necklace.

Project Designer: Carolyn Stearns