Activ-Clay Coil Pot


Modeling Clay

Designer: Carolyn Stearn


  • One package White ACTIVA Activ-Clay
  • Watercolor set
  • Shiny pearl, sparkly, or glossy finish
  • Toothpick


STEP 1 Roll the clay into thin snakes, (coils) about ¼” thick, 12” long.

STEP 2 Start your pot by curling the snake around and around itself flat until it is about 2” around. Now start building up the sides. You will put the coils on top of each other as you build up the sides.

STEP 3 Score (make cuts) in the clay with the toothpick everywhere the clay touches, this helps keep the clay together, you can also put a little water on the scored clay, it acts like glue to also help keep the clay together,

STEP 4 Make the pot as tall as you want, shaping as you go and pressing the coils together.

STEP 5 You can make a top by curling the coils around and around flat until it is a little larger then the opening. Roll a ball and stick it to the top.

STEP 6 Set aside to dry.

STEP 7 Paint with watercolors, seal with sealer of your choice.