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Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Valentine's Sale!
Get 14% off with coupon code SWEET14 during our Valentine's Sale!

Activ Clay Candle Cover


Modeling Clay


  • 1 package each Green and Terra Cotta Activ Clay
  • Green and Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Small flower cookie cutter, could be a star, a circle, any shape will do
  • Rubber stamps, any design, this just gives the clay texture
  • A piece of paper to make the pattern for the cone roof
  • Plastic wrap to roll the clay on
  • Rolling pin
  • Paint brush
  • Water basin
  • Paper towels


STEP 1 Roll out the package of green clay onto the plastic wrap; it should be at least ¼” thick. Stamp the clay all over with the rubber stamps, cut out designs with the cookie cutter; this is where the light will shine through. Cut the clay into a rectangle. Bend it around and create a cylinder, score (make cuts) in the edges of the clay where they meet, wet the edges with water and press together, smooth out the seam line, restamp the area if necessary to cover up the seam. Set aside to dry for a couple of hours, just so it is easier to handle. Set the cylinder on a sheet of clay, trace around it, you are making the bottom. Remove the cylinder, cut through the clay, smooth the edges with water on your finger, score all around the top edge of the bottom and the bottom edge of the cylinder, wet the scored area, set the cylinder on top of the bottom, and smooth the seam line. Turn over and set aside to dry.

STEP 2 Fold a paper plate in half, open it and fold in half again, open it and find the center, cut on one of the lines to the center, now you can bend it into a cone, play with it, trying it on the cylinder for size, when you have it just the right size draw a line with a pencil, cut the pattern out.

STEP 3 Roll out the Terra Cotta clay just like the green, stamping and cutting out the shapes. Lay the pattern on the clay, cut around it, and bend the clay into a cone shape, score the edges and put together just like the cylinder, and restamp along the seam, and set aside to dry.

STEP 4 Thin green paint with water, paint all over the green clay, wipe off with a paper towel leaving paint in the stamped area, do the same with brown paint on the roof.

STEP 5 Use with a tea light candle.