Modeling Clay


  • One package White ACTIVA Activ-Clay
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Toothpick


Notes: The bug is very simple to make. You are working with different size balls or a snake. The instructions will be very general, look at the picture and this will help you with some ideas.

STEP 1  Make a ball for the body and flatten it slightly. With a toothpick, put a crease down the back.

STEP 2  Make a ball for the head and 2 small balls for the eyes.

STEP 3  Make 6 balls for the feet and shape them like teardrops.

STEP 4  Cut 6 pieces of craft fun wire about 1-2” long, depending on the size of the body.

STEP 5  Poke holes in the sides of the body and in the feet with craft wire.

STEP 6  Set aside to dry. When dry, paint like a ladybug, red with black spots!

STEP 7  Put glue on the ends of the wire, put wire into holes, let glue dry, then bend legs so bug will stand!