Activ-Clay Beaded Key Chain


Modeling Clay


  • One package Green and one package Terra Cotta ACTIVA Activ-Clay
  • One key ring
  • Jute/Hemp cord
  • Plaid Papier Paint: Autumn Leaves, Wicker White, Fresh Foliage
  • Toothpick


STEP 1  Make 5 green beads and 4 Terra Cotta beads approx ½”- ¾” in size by rolling them in your hands, flattening then on a flat surface, any shape you like. Make a hole all the way through the bead with a round toothpick. Set aside to dry.

STEP 2  Paint designs on all the beads with the 3 colors of paint. No paint brush necessary, just squeeze right out of the bottle. Hint: put the bead on the tip of a pencil or something like that so you can paint the beads on all side. Let dry.

STEP 3  Cut a piece of jute 3 feet long, fold in half and connect it to the key ring.

STEP 4  String the beads on (start with a green bead) one strand of the jute then tie an over hand knot with both strands to keep the bead in place. Continue doing this until all the beads are strung.

STEP 5  Cut the excess jute off leaving about 2 inches, untwist the jute to create a fringe at the bottom.