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Summer Special
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Sculpting a Fun Bookend

ColorPlus Air Dry Clay Character Bookend


Recommended tools for this project:

- ColorPlus Clay

- Paint Brush

- Varnish






Step 1:

To prepare the colour of the face, hands and feet, use white with some red and yellow and mix well.





Step 2:

Make 1 big ball for the head and 3 small balls for the nose and ears, then join the balls by dampening the junctions with a wet brush and joining them together.





Step 3:

For the hair, make coils. Then, grate and damp the junction with a wet brush and attach the hair over the head.





Step 4:

Make a hole on the bottom of the head to join the body. Push the neck into the hole of the head.





Step 5:

Begin the trousers modelling a somewhat flattened sphere shape of clay. Join the sphere in the bottom of the body. Make legs and feet and join them. Then, join to the body.





Final Step:

Join the arms to the body and smooth out any imperfections you see. Leave to dry protecting with a plastic layer. Varnish once the bookend is completely dry.






Now he can hold up your books!