Summer Special
Summer Special
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Li-Qua-Che Molds



  • Li-Qua-Che
  • Li-Qua-Che Molds
  • Spray Bottle with Water
  • Paint Stick
  • Bucket


 Step-1Step 1  Stir until the Li-Qua-Che is a creamy material




Step-Step 2  Pour into a mixing container and add water to a ratio of Li-Qua-Che to 1 Water




step-3Step 3  Spray water into the mold to alleviate bubbles and it helps to release it from the mold afterwards




step-4Step 4  Pour the Li-Qua-Che into the mold slowly at the consistency of cream starting at one end and ending at the other.Tilt it to make sure it gets into every crevice and this helps release the bubbles




Step-5Step 5  Let the mold air dry until it hardens to a firm yet brittle material. Then tap on the back of the mold to have it released into your hand.




FinalStep 6  From here you have a beautifully detailed casting that can be finished using acrylic based paints or other finishes!