Get 10% off with coupon code SUMMER10!
Get 10% off with coupon code SUMMER10!

These modeling tools will help you mold your clay into the shape you want.

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Clay Roller Kit
  ACTIVA CLAY ROLLER KIT   Create fun and interesting designs with an Activa Clay Kit. It's easy to use for all ages. The clay roller kit allows the claymaker to texture, stamp, blend colors, create patterns, cut shapes and more. You can create scrapbooking designs, rubber stamps, jewelry pieces and other memorable objects. Each imported kit comes complete with one 10" ..
Sale Sculpey® Clay Tool Starter Set
Sculpey® Clay Tool Starter Set A set of 3 double ended tools, each used for a wide range of projects and techniques. 1. Use the Needle End Pointer to create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns. 2. Use the Stamp End for added detail. 3. Use Blunt Point for small scale sculpting, punching holes, shaping, refining and smoothing clay. 4. Use Ball End to make indentat..
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